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 The birthday gift 

A customer once told me a story from his life that beautifully illustrates how understanding what other people value gives you the opportunity to enrich their lives. Throughout human history, stories have served as vessels for knowledge. So when I heard this one, I filed it…

Haptic touch screens might make Braille reading commonplace

As touch screen technology evolves, things that used to be useful for relatively few will find new applications. One such development is the support for tactile feedback. These so-called haptic displays don’t just display an image and allow you to interact with it, they also let you feel it.

Three insights that successful project teams have in common

Wondering why some projects fail and others seem to deliver on their promises? Do you want to increase the chances that your next project will be a success? If so, learn these three insights of successful project teams.Insight 1: Trust and communication are more important than contractsI…

The one sport every entrepreneur should try at least once

This blog post is about one of my favorite activities – climbing. It's by many considered an "extreme" sport even though these days most people practice and climb indoors in climbing gyms. A safe, regulated and social activity. But that doesn't make it less amazing.